FAN Take – America’s Most UNWanted: Kareem Hunt

By Annalece Montgomery

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

Every day this week, we’ve awakened to a new piece of the Kareem Hunt puzzle, so let’s get you up to speed really quickly:

  • TMZ released footage of a physical altercation that involved Kareem Hunt and a 19-year-old woman
  • The incident in question occurred on February 10
  • The NFL suspended him prior to the Kansas City Chiefs cutting him from the roster
  • The NFL did not interview Hunt upon learning of the incident “months ago” and reportedly did not request video of it until last week
  • Hunt is being removed from Madden 19
  • He entered free agency after no teams chose to claim him from waivers

Predominantly, two questions have been asked over the last few days, including in some interviews our new Team Owner and Fan Captain Richard Sherman did yesterday: 1) Is there still a place in the NFL for Kareem Hunt? and 2) Should the NFL leave the policing to the appropriate authorities? Yesterday during Richard’s interview on The Will Cain Show, he had this to say about how the NFL handled the Hunt issue: “They handled it alright.. there is no win for them, there is no win for anybody. For some reason people expect more from the NFL than they do from law enforcement.” Furthermore, he said the NFL needs to “keep doing what they’re doing” when asked if the league should keep conducting independent investigations or follow the lead of the authorities.

For those that are new to the FCFL, you may not be aware that we have encountered this issue previously. Following the launch of the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, our proof of concept team, we were contacted by a representative for Greg Hardy, who was looking to repair his image. You might remember Hardy from his time with the Dallas Cowboys…which was cut short due to domestic violence allegations brought against him and an arrest for cocaine possession. With his interest in the team clear, we handed the decision off to the fans – did they want to give him another shot at football? Or would they not stand for such actions by a player? Ultimately, the fans voted against signing him with a majority 50.1% – really, we can’t make this up.

We’ve got a lot of questions for the fans after everything that has transpired, but most importantly: would they give a player with this kind of controversy another chance? From a fan perspective, would you still root for the player? From a team management perspective, would you still want them on your team and how would it affect your locker room? If something like this were to happen with an FCFL player, would you want to see him suspended initially? Or would you want him removed from the league entirely? We want to hear from you, fans, so let us know!

Power To The Fans!

One reply on “FAN Take – America’s Most UNWanted: Kareem Hunt”

This is a tough question. As a dv victim I feel compelled to share my thoughts because I’ve actually had to deal with these stories occasionally in regards to football and face this question becuz of my past and how it affects me as a fan.
I truly believe each situation is different. I don’t know enough about Hunts circumstances yet, I’ll havta do more research. As far as the video, that was clear enough to me that he has anger issues he needs to work on. Idk what happened before where the video started but based on what I did see, the girl who got in his face does also.
I try not to judge ppl until I get as much information as I can. But when I’ve been in an abusive relationship the one question ppl always asked me was why I stayed. And the answer was actually simple – I loved him and truly believed he could change and loved me enough to. It sounds ridiculous but seems to be the common answer after spending time in therapy and support groups. I don’t think every guy that gets physical is a POS or a woman beater though. I truly believe everyone has the ability to change but it can only happen if they want to. You can’t force them to or smother them with love to get them to. It just doesn’t work.
That being said, I also believe that because of the status you guys have in the spotlight as “celebrities”, there’s a certain amount of expectations from not only the team, coaches, owners and league itself – but also from us as fans. You got kids of all ages looking up to you guys man! It’s important to carry some sense of maturity, responsibility and professionalism. If you got someone in the spotlight all the time getting arrested on a regular basis for whatever reason – beating his wife, beating his children, beating his pets, doing serious drugs or something serious like that – it reflects badly on your teammates, your coaches, your entire team, not to mention the league itself. It’s tough to decide whether to keep a guy cuz hes good but may havta let him go cuz of his legal issues. Idk how to answer that part and imo the league cares more about money than anything. So they’re gonna do what gets ratings and makes them money.
But for me as a fan, and as a dv survivor, I evaluate each situation seperately. Frank Clark is a good example – I spent a few weeks researching and reading about him and his situation when he first came to the Seahawks. At the time, my Beast Mode petition had also recently went viral so during my interviews for a book, I was even asked my thoughts and feelings about him. And based on the stuff I read and his past it didn’t sound to me like he was a violent guy that was going around beating up his girlfriends all the time. He didn’t have a rap sheet and it seemed like an isolated incident. A fight that got outta control and was alcohol induced by both people. They parted ways, he stayed outta trouble and now to hear the 12s talk – everyone seems to have forgotten his incident especially due to the plays he makes.
Had the situation turned out differently, and he had beat her up again or got in other kinds of trouble with someone else, I’d probably feel differently. Maybe my opinion is wrong tho? I was blindsided and actually evaluated (unbeknownst to me) for this book. The whole time I thought I was being interviewed about Beast Mode, they were actually using me as an example of a fan that “overlooks” domestic violence becuz of my love for the Seahawks. Not even remotely true but that’s ok. I shoulda told that reporter from day 1 “Thanks for asking”. Lol Oh well. I just like to make sure if I’m cleaning someone else’s side of the street, I don’t have a blindfold on. I’m perfectly ok with giving ppl second chances especially when they prove it was a 1 time mistake.
Hope that makes sense! And as always GO HAWKS!
Wendi B

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