FAN Take: On the Clock

Posted on October 23, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

Last night the NBA made its triumphant return with two stellar games: the defending champion Toronto Raptors vs. New Orleans Pelicans, and LA Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers (read: NFL, this is what opening night should look like). The main difference between last season and last night? TNT made an adjustment to their shot clock. Instead of keeping it statically positioned along the bottom of the screen like every other network has done since the dawn of time, they added a white shot clock on the floor above the foul line. TNT has actually been testing this out during its preseason games, but didn’t get as much attention until last night because we all know preseason doesn’t count. This change didn’t get rid of the static red-backed clock in the bottom right corner, but it does allow fans to keep their eye on the clock and the action without having to look around the screen. In the final five seconds, the color of the clock also changes, giving the game more of a video game feel – something we know all about.

We’ve heard many people describe the FCFL as the real-life version of Madden, so we’re absolutely open to making aesthetic changes to the game streams to mirror that idea and make the viewing experience be absolutely incredible for the fans. So, what kind of changes would the fans want to see? A play clock to run down on the field behind the quarterback? The first down marker to change color as the offense runs out of downs? Maybe a countdown timer that moves and shakes as time runs out for fans to call their next play? Let us know fans – we’re building this league for YOU!

Power To The Fans!

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