NFL Preseason Doesn’t Even Count

Posted on June 3, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Everyone’s least-favorite redhead might actually be making sense for once. That’s right, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is advocating for a shorter NFL preseason. We’re just as shocked as you, but apparently he’s been quietly pushing for this change since 2017. His major issue, and we have to agree, is the level of play during these games. Being as matter-of-fact on the subject as possible, Goodell said, “the NFL should do things to the highest possible standards. Preseason games are not that.” When you think about it, the only arguments for preseason are 1) teams have an opportunity to work out players in a more high-pressure situation and 2) teams bring in additional revenue from home games. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until after the 2020 season to see what will happen to the preseason timeline.

While we’re all big football fans here at the FCFL, we kind of snooze our way through preseason and love to weigh in on whether or not it event counts. We’d ask you, the fans, if you’d want to see a preseason added to the FCFL, but we get the feeling a lot of you are like us – you just want to catch the games that really matter. But if we’re wrong, feel free to let us know! Now if the NFL could just get their act together when it comes to officials making the correct call the first time around, rather than relying on reviews mid-game…

One reply on “NFL Preseason Doesn’t Even Count”

I do not want preseason games in the FCFL. No point in risking injury for games that don’t count. I don’t watch NFL preseason and I would not watch FCFL preseason.

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