What Would You Do For a Winning Season?

Published February 12, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

It’s like that saying, “what would you do for a Klondike Bar,” only this time, the Cleveland Browns are being asked what they would do for a winning season. Apparently, the answer is to sign former Kansas City Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt. As you may have heard, Hunt was released after a video surfaced of him shoving and kicking a woman in the hallway of a Cleveland hotel last February. For awhile there were rumors that the Washington Redskins would pick him up after a very disappointing 7-9 season. This should be interesting, considering Hunt is still under an NFL investigation. The Browns quickly released a statement to defend their actions,  saying that through their ‘extensive research,’ they believe he deserves a second chance. Okay then.

Hey fans, for those of you that have been with us since our Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles Days, do you remember that whole Greg Hardy vote business? Yeah, we do too. For those that need a little more information here, when we were busy running our proof of concept team in the Indoor Football League, we were approached by Greg Hardy’s people about an opportunity to 1) bring big name talent to our fan-controlled team and 2) help Hardy rebuild his public image. Because our mission was to truly put the fans in control, we let them vote on whether or not Hardy could have a spot on the team. The fans voted no, with a majority 50.1% of the overall vote.

Normally this is where we would guess what the fans would do if they were in charge at the front office and had the opportunity to sign someone with Kareem Hunt’s history, but this time we actually know: the fans would say no. We’ve always known that we have the BEST fans in the world, but it feels good to know you’re all better than the higher-ups over at the Cleveland Browns.