NFL Week Eight Round Up – Fans Are Riding High

Posted on October 29, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We’re officially at the halfway mark of the NFL Regular Season and if the fans’ ability to accurately pick games is any indicator of how they will do in the inaugural season of the Fan Controlled Football League, we’ve got nothing to worry about! Once again, the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers came out on top, and the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins are keeping their losing streak alive. Naturally, the fans called all four teams’ games correctly. Due to a split decision on the Oakland Raiders-Houston Texans game this week, the fans ended up going 12-2-1, bringing their season record to 74-39-8. Now for a breakdown of each pick – bold indicates the winner of the game, italics indicate who the fans selected.

  • Washington Redskins vs. Minnesota Vikings
  • Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs. Chicago Bears
  • New York Giants vs. Detroit Lions
  • New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Texans *tie, we guess the fans just couldn’t pick
  • Cleveland Browns vs. New England Patriots
  • Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs
  • Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Don’t forget, fans! NFL Week 9 picks open up TOMORROW on Twitter! And now, here are some of our favorite moments from Week 8:

  • Nick Bosa continues to strain his back by carrying the 49ers. We hope for the fans sake that he stays healthy for the remainder of the season.
  • The Jaguars achieved Troll Level 1000 when responding to Jets QB Sam Darnold’s statement on ‘seeing ghosts’ in their loss to the Patriots the week before. It should also be noted that prior to the game, a plane flew over the stadium with a banner that read ‘Gardner Minshew ain’t afraid of no ghosts.’

  • This Tennessee Titans cheerleader is outperforming the entire receiving core from the Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns combined.
  • Aaron Rodgers reminded everyone why he’s a Super Bowl MVP with this pass. Don’t lie, you all held your breath during this play too.
  • Saquon Barkley went full BEASTMODE on the field, tossing these guys out of his way. Marshawn, we think it’s time you sign some new athletes to your brand.
  • Oh, Baker. The Browns QB snubbed the San Francisco 49ers Team Captains during the pre-game coin toss, so Joey Bosa decided to get a little payback by ‘planting the flag’ in Santa Clara.
  • Sadly, Mason Rudolph sustained a concussion during the Steelers-Ravens game on Sunday. To make matters worse, the cart taking him off the field broke down and he ultimately had to be carried away. We get the feeling EVERY cart at EVERY stadium will be fully charged before Week 6 action kicks off.

  • Travis Kelce is all of us, getting fired up at coaches when you’re losing a game you SHOULD be winning.
  • And last, but certainly not least, the camera crew caught Jerry “Crypt Keeper” Jones channeling every Cowboys fan by getting frustrated with Dak Prescott.

FAN Take: Mocking It Up

Posted on April 24, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

Tomorrow night is the start of the 2019 NFL Draft, and all eyes will be on a handful of players, including Kyler Murray and Nick Bosa. Let’s just hope for a better situation for some of these guys than the one Johnny Manziel found himself in a few years ago, where he looked all sad and lonely until the 22nd pick of the first round in 2014. Really, you can only go up from there as far as we’re concerned  – but, really, I mean, Manziel sank MUCH lower than that in actuality.

We know we’ve mentioned this before, but clearly, at the FCFL we’re all big football fans, and love this time of year. We’ve been working on our own mock drafts before Thursday – someone in the office needs to have bragging rights – and we’re looking forward to seeing how everything shakes out on Thursday night. We’re sure that with The Draft Network’s launch of their ‘Mock Draft Machine,’ plenty of people will be comparing their mocks side by side as the 32 teams make their long-awaited picks.

Of course this isn’t our ACTUAL final prediction, you didn’t think we’d give that away so far in advance, did you?

We’ve put together our own mock drafts already, but we want to hear from you! Fill out your mock draft here and share your screenshots. We want to know who you think will be getting the coveted title of the ‘First Pick,’ and really, who will end up being the best pick? We want to know which great decisions (and mistakes) you think teams are going to make. We want to know which teams you think will blatantly disregard what their real needs are in order to get the most high-profile draft prospect. Make sure to post your mock drafts to Twitter and Instagram, tagging us and using #FCFL. Who knows, yours may be featured on our social media depending on how strategic you are with these picks!


NFL Draft Week 2019 Is Here!

Posted on April 22, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

That’s right folks, the 2019 NFL Draft is only a few days away! By now, you are probably like us and neck-deep in mock drafts, preparing for the big day. Just this morning, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco became the latest to get his posted, taking a hard stance and calling Kyler Murray as the third QB to be picked up, and by the Miami Dolphins no less. Although we should be very clear, Prisco says up front that, “the week of the draft I always do a mock draft of what teams should do, not what I think they will do.” Instead of the Arizona Cardinals using their first pick on Murray, Prisco has them taking Nick Bosa (EDGE, Ohio State) and the NY Giants taking the first quarterback, Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State).

Kudos to Ben Standig of NBC Sports, for poking fun at just how many mock drafts you’ll see leading up to Thursday with his aptly titled “2019 NFL Mock Draft 21.0.” Like many, he has Murray going to the Cardinals, and Bosa to the San Francisco 49ers. Bleacher Report echoed Standig’s ideas with their predictions for the first round. But we really give it up to The Draft Network, for not only having everyone on staff put together their own draft predictions for the first round, but also breaking down a full seven rounds for each team. What we’re saying here is that even if you took off work and skipped sleeping for the next few days, there is no chance you’re going to get through every mock draft that has been posted in the last three weeks. Of course, this doesn’t include the additional influx of picks we will see over the next few days.

When it comes time for the FCFL Draft, we’re wondering if the fans will take an aggressive approach to mapping out the activity of not only their team, but every other team in the league?. After all, our fans are the ones LITERALLY making the draft picks for their teams. We’re expecting to see an influx of mock drafts from the fans, working out every possibility in order to make sure their respective teams are stacked with the best players. We know our fans will be watching all the footage made available to them, putting together their own rankings for each player, with notes on who will work best with other players, and getting hyped up for the live-streamed, real-time decision making they’ll need to do during the first-ever fan-decided draft in pro sports history! Our fans are going to CRUSH it, and we can’t wait!