The FCFL Has New Team Owners – They’re Kinda Funny

Posted on March 18, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

That’s right! The newest Team Owners in the FCFL are Kinda Funny, with co-founder Greg Miller serving as their primary Fan Captain. Fellow Kinda Funny founders, Tim Gettys and Nick Scarpino will join Miller in helping the fans shape the identity of their team.

You might be asking, what do a bunch of guys that talk about video games know about football? Our first response to that is HOW RUDE!?! After all, that’s how WE got here. We’re a bunch of people that love playing video games, including Madden, and love to think we know better than the coach on the field. These are our people. These are YOUR people.

What does Kinda Funny have to say about this new endeavor? “Our business is built on the idea that we aren’t making Kinda Funny for our Best Friends but that we’re making Kinda Funny with our Best Friends,” said Co-Founder Greg Miller who is excited to join the FCFL, highlighting the alignment of brands. “The opportunity to own a football team where our audience makes all the decisions is the most Kinda Funny thing we could ever do, and we can’t wait to get out there and make a fool of all the pretenders to the FCFL throne.”

“Look – the Co-Founders of the FCFL are legit gamers and Kinda Funny Best Friends,” said Patrick Dees, Chief Gaming Officer of the FCFL. “Everything Greg and Kinda Funny does is done FOR their fans and that’s what this league is all about. Personally, I wouldn’t sleep on this group to go all the way in season one. They are in it to win it all and frankly, the other captains and team owners better be ready.”

Previously, we announced Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Prince Royce and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson as Team Owners and Fan Captains, and they definitely have their work cut out for them. In their first official message to the fans, Kinda Funny is looking to send Prince Royce to the bottom of the Billboard charts and maybe help bail you out if you flip over Ochocinco’s car. The trash talking is definitely in full swing!

Does this team sound like the right one for you? Be sure to start submitting your team name ideas here before voting begins in a few weeks! Still not 100% sold and need a little help deciding? Take our FCFL Team Personality Analyzer to give yourself a little piece of mind!


The GOAT – Joe Montana – Joins the FCFL

Originally published September 24, 2018

By Annalece Montgomery

Big news, people! Hall of Fame NFL quarterback and venture capitalist, Joe Montana, is joining the FCFL as Chief Strategic Advisor and as an investor!

This is what Joe had to say: “I’m tremendously excited to be partnering with the FCFL. What this team has created is innovative, engaging, and will energize the digital age football fan. Fans will hire the coaches, draft the players and call all the plays in real time. It’s a real-life video game and the future of sports.”

Widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time, Joe Montana was not only a talented passer, but he was an inspirational leader with the almost magical ability to lead his teams back from certain defeat. During his Hall of Fame career with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, he led his teams to 31 fourth quarter come-from-behind wins, including a 92-yard drive in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XXIII. Over 16 seasons in the NFL, Joe led his teams to nine divisional championships and victories in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV. Additionally, he is a technology pioneer and partner in the early stage venture capital firm Liquid 2 Ventures, where he oversees and advises an impressive portfolio of start-ups.

In Joe’s role as FCFL’s Chief Strategic Advisor, he will be a driving force in the formation and development of the league’s brand messaging, integral in football and technical innovations and will provide invaluable expertise from front office operations to fan engagement.

Joe joins a diverse team of advisors with experience across all aspects of sports, technology and gaming, including the league’s appointed Chief Operating Officer, Andy Dolich. Andy is a renowned sports executive who brings over five decades of experience in the industry, including front office positions in the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL.

According to our CEO and Co-Founder, Sohrob Farudi, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the GOAT, Joe Montana, join the FCFL. As we continue to build and launch the sports platform for the digital fan, we will look to Joe for leadership and expertise in every facet of the league.”


FAN Take – Face the Music

By Annalece Montgomery

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

A big part of any sporting event is the actual fan experience – everything from the food they’re eating to the music they’re listening to at pivotal moments of the game. If you’re a Green Bay Packers fan, you expect to hear “Bang On the Drum All Day” by Todd Rundgren about a million times. If you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, you wouldn’t dare miss the bottom of the 8th sing along to “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Without realizing it, music has helped define the memories and expectations fans have for a game.

Last week, Chief Gaming Officer Patrick Dees was told he could select his own entrance music for his speaking engagement at Blockchain Seattle. A no-brainer, Patrick turned this decision over to the fans, and we had suggestions come in ranging from “Getting Jiggy Wit It” by Will Smith to “Sure Shot” by Beastie Boys. After careful review, the suggestions were narrowed down to a final four: “Like A Virgin” by Madonna, the theme from Seinfeld, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor, and “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” by DMX. With a commanding 36% of the vote across Instagram and the FCFLio and FAN Token Twitter accounts, DMX was the winner.

This has us wondering fans, do you want to vote on the song your team comes out to every week? Or should they have one song you vote on for the entire season? For the team in last place, should the fans get to vote on a song they come out to? Do you want to razz them a bit with something a little more embarrassing? We want to make sure these games give you the best fan experience possible, whether you’re there in person or streaming on Twitch. We want to give you even more voting power, so let us know if this is something you want to do!

Power To The FANS!


Sherman Rips NFL Rule, Again

By Annalece Montgomery

San Francisco 49ers cornerback and NFL Players Association Executive Committee member, Richard Sherman, is making headlines again by speaking out against the NFL’s controversial new helmet rule. You may remember that when the NFL first announced the rule earlier this month,  Sherman was frustrated with the rule, stating it will be ‘a disaster’.

Shortly after his team lost to the Houston Texans 16-13, Sherman turned to Twitter to let the world know how he really felt about the rule. “To all those ppl including those who made the rule. I want a video of YOU running full speed and being lead by anything but your head while also attempting to bring down a moving target. You will soon realize its impossible,” he tweeted, along with a video of a tackle from his teammate Raheem Mostert that drew a penalty flag. But he didn’t stop there. Sherman also shared a video of a rugby tackle, saying it would be penalized in the NFL and that the game will soon become the same thing as flag football.

Just a few weeks ago at training camps across the country, there were reports of officials still debating whether or not this penalty occurred in play. It raises the question of how the officials can be ready to properly call this penalty with only a few weeks before the regular season kicks off. Can the NFL expect officials to fully understand the rule when every time they try to clarify the rule, they only confuse people more?

In the first two weeks of preseason games, we’ve already seen over 25 penalties because of the new rule, with the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles being tied for the most penalties. Our Co-Founders Sohrob Farudi (CEO), Grant Cohen (CPO), and Patrick Dees (CGO) debated the rule a couple weeks ago during FAN Call Friday, and their views on the matter aligned with Sherman’s. Tune in to see what they had to say, as well get a fantastic demonstration of the three-point stance from Sohrob.

So where do FCFL fans stand on this? While we think the fans do have concerns over serious head injuries to their favorite athletes, they are most certainly going to get sick of all the penalty calls very fast. The game is already long enough as is because of yellow flags being thrown here, there and everywhere, and adding this rule is only going to increase the frustration among the fans. If this rule were brought to a vote amongst the fans, we think they would strike it down by more than a landslide. The fans are here for their love of the game, not for the officials’ love of hearing their own voices after every penalty they call.