NFL Draft Week 2019 Is Here!

Posted on April 22, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

That’s right folks, the 2019 NFL Draft is only a few days away! By now, you are probably like us and neck-deep in mock drafts, preparing for the big day. Just this morning, CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco became the latest to get his posted, taking a hard stance and calling Kyler Murray as the third QB to be picked up, and by the Miami Dolphins no less. Although we should be very clear, Prisco says up front that, “the week of the draft I always do a mock draft of what teams should do, not what I think they will do.” Instead of the Arizona Cardinals using their first pick on Murray, Prisco has them taking Nick Bosa (EDGE, Ohio State) and the NY Giants taking the first quarterback, Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State).

Kudos to Ben Standig of NBC Sports, for poking fun at just how many mock drafts you’ll see leading up to Thursday with his aptly titled “2019 NFL Mock Draft 21.0.” Like many, he has Murray going to the Cardinals, and Bosa to the San Francisco 49ers. Bleacher Report echoed Standig’s ideas with their predictions for the first round. But we really give it up to The Draft Network, for not only having everyone on staff put together their own draft predictions for the first round, but also breaking down a full seven rounds for each team. What we’re saying here is that even if you took off work and skipped sleeping for the next few days, there is no chance you’re going to get through every mock draft that has been posted in the last three weeks. Of course, this doesn’t include the additional influx of picks we will see over the next few days.

When it comes time for the FCFL Draft, we’re wondering if the fans will take an aggressive approach to mapping out the activity of not only their team, but every other team in the league?. After all, our fans are the ones LITERALLY making the draft picks for their teams. We’re expecting to see an influx of mock drafts from the fans, working out every possibility in order to make sure their respective teams are stacked with the best players. We know our fans will be watching all the footage made available to them, putting together their own rankings for each player, with notes on who will work best with other players, and getting hyped up for the live-streamed, real-time decision making they’ll need to do during the first-ever fan-decided draft in pro sports history! Our fans are going to CRUSH it, and we can’t wait!


Every NFL Schedule Release Video – Ranked

Posted on April 18, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

One of the best parts of the NFL releasing their regular season schedule, is how each team chooses to present their schedule. Our team went through EVERY video released by the 32 NFL teams this year and ranked them so you wouldn’t have to. Let’s count ’em down.

32. Cincinnati Bengals

31. Los Angeles Rams

30. Oakland Raiders

29. Washington Redskins

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

27. San Francisco 49ers

26. Chicago Bears

25. Miami Dolphins

24. Minnesota Vikings

23. New Orleans Saints

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

21. Indianapolis Colts

20. Kansas City Chiefs

19. Seattle Seahawks

18. Green Bay Packers

17. Dallas Cowboys

16. Arizona Cardinals

15. Denver Broncos

14. Atlanta Falcons

13. New York Jets

12. Houston Texans

11. Detroit Lions

10. New York Giants

9. Tennessee Titans

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. New England Patriots

6. Carolina Panthers

5. Cleveland Browns

4. Buffalo Bills

3. Los Angeles Chargers

2. Baltimore Ravens

1. Philadelphia Eagles


Draft Do-Overs

Posted on April 10, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Okay, this might be our favorite thing that ESPN has pulled together in the past few months. Each of the the 32 NFL team’s beat writers were tasked with taking the biggest draft mistake of the last five years and correcting it with another player.

The rules were fairly simple:

  1. The re-drafted player has to be at a position of reasonable need in that particular draft.
  2. The re-drafted player has to be available at the pick in question.
  3. You cannot trade the pick you’re looking to re-draft, but you can choose not to trade a pick the team traded.

Some of the highlights include Michael Thomas (WR, New Orleans Saints) going to the San Francisco 49ers, Todd Gurley (RB, Los Angeles Rams) to the Atlanta Falcons, JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR, Pittsburgh Steelers) to the Seattle Seahawks, TJ Watt (OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers) to the Green Bay Packers, and literally anyone else to the Cleveland Browns instead of Johnny Manziel. That line-up alone has us imagining what could have been for some of these teams in the NFL. For the full list, you can read it here.

We have all the confidence in you, the fans, that you will make the best decisions when it comes time to draft players for your team – but sometimes mistakes happen. Half-way through the season you might think to yourself, “Man, what were we thinking? This other guy would fit in to our style so much better.” And if you do, that’s fine – there’s always opportunities for a trade. And if you don’t, even better. That just means you have earned that FanIQ!


March Madness: NFL QB Edition

To nobody’s surprise, NCAAM March Madness is completely dominating headlines on ESPN, Bleacher Report, and virtually every sports-based website, with the exception of the Gronk news of course. But let’s face it, we live and breathe football at the FCFL, so we decided we needed something to bring this amazing sport back to the forefront of your minds. Enter, the NFL QB Edition of March Madness.

ESPN published their 2019 QB Confidence Index, ranking the NFL quarterback situations 1-32. Sure, this was posted back in January, but it still holds up pretty well. While ESPN ranked all 32 QBs in one group, we went ahead and separated them by the respective conferences. So all this week, the fans will be voting on these match-ups to crown their champion on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Not following us yet? We guess now is as good a time as any to stop living under that rock!

For the NFC, ranking is as follows:

  1. Philadelphia Eagles
  2. New Orleans Saints
  3. Seattle Seahawks
  4. Green Bay Packers
  5. Atlanta Falcons
  6. Minnesota Vikings
  7. Detroit Lions
  8. Los Angeles Rams
  9. Dallas Cowboys
  10. Carolina Panthers
  11. Chicago Bears
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  13. San Francisco 49ers
  14. Arizona Cardinals
  15. New York Giants
  16. Washington Redskins

For the AFC, ranking is as follows:

  1. Indianapolis Colts
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Los Angeles Chargers
  5. Pittsburgh Steelers
  6. Houston Texans
  7. Oakland Raiders
  8. Cincinnati Bengals
  9. Cleveland Browns
  10. Tennessee Titans
  11. Baltimore Ravens
  12. New York Jets
  13. Buffalo Bills
  14. Denver Broncos
  15. Miami Dolphins
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars

The GOAT – Joe Montana – Joins the FCFL

Originally published September 24, 2018

By Annalece Montgomery

Big news, people! Hall of Fame NFL quarterback and venture capitalist, Joe Montana, is joining the FCFL as Chief Strategic Advisor and as an investor!

This is what Joe had to say: “I’m tremendously excited to be partnering with the FCFL. What this team has created is innovative, engaging, and will energize the digital age football fan. Fans will hire the coaches, draft the players and call all the plays in real time. It’s a real-life video game and the future of sports.”

Widely regarded as one of the greatest football players of all time, Joe Montana was not only a talented passer, but he was an inspirational leader with the almost magical ability to lead his teams back from certain defeat. During his Hall of Fame career with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, he led his teams to 31 fourth quarter come-from-behind wins, including a 92-yard drive in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XXIII. Over 16 seasons in the NFL, Joe led his teams to nine divisional championships and victories in Super Bowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV. Additionally, he is a technology pioneer and partner in the early stage venture capital firm Liquid 2 Ventures, where he oversees and advises an impressive portfolio of start-ups.

In Joe’s role as FCFL’s Chief Strategic Advisor, he will be a driving force in the formation and development of the league’s brand messaging, integral in football and technical innovations and will provide invaluable expertise from front office operations to fan engagement.

Joe joins a diverse team of advisors with experience across all aspects of sports, technology and gaming, including the league’s appointed Chief Operating Officer, Andy Dolich. Andy is a renowned sports executive who brings over five decades of experience in the industry, including front office positions in the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL.

According to our CEO and Co-Founder, Sohrob Farudi, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the GOAT, Joe Montana, join the FCFL. As we continue to build and launch the sports platform for the digital fan, we will look to Joe for leadership and expertise in every facet of the league.”


The NFL Invades Fortnite

By Annalece Montgomery

Epic Games announced yesterday that fans of Fortnite are about to up their skin game with NFL uniforms. All 32 NFL team jerseys will be available for purchase in the game beginning November 9th at 7pm ET. In addition to the jerseys, players will be able to complete the look with goal post harvesting tools, pigskin gliders, throw football-themed emotes and even change up their appearance with referee outfits.

Instead of receiving a standard jersey for any one NFL team, players will be able to customize the jersey number each time they use and swap out for a different team’s helmet, pants, and cleats. Meaning, if you are suited up in a Green Bay Packers uniform in one game, you can switch it up with a New Orleans Saints uniform in the next game. And to answer your question before we get asked, yes, the uniform skin will be available for both male and female avatars.

You may remember that over the summer, we highlighted JuJu Smith-Schuster and his sick Fortnite-inspired dance moves at training camp and Richard Sherman declaring that Fortnite was superior to PUBG – which team uniforms do you think they’ll have their avatars dressed in come Friday evening? We’re personally hoping to see Ninja have Drake and Travis Scott join him for another livestream in rival team uniforms. Maybe half Cowboys, half Giants gear? Or San Francisco v Seattle?

We’re sure the fans love this, but even better, they are going to love being able to customize their live players in the FCFL in a similar way. When we let the fans vote on which color visor a player has that week or what color cleats they’ll tie on, there are likely to be some crazy uniforms that get put together. We definitely think there will be some fans trolling certain players by putting them in some unpleasing accessories, while others will make sure their favorite players are looking more game-day ready than ever. While we can’t wait to see players in Fortnite running around in football skins when they land at Tilted Towers or play the sheet music by Retail Row, we’re WAY more excited to see what our fans come up with in the real world of the FCFL!


When A Brand Chooses Sides

By Annalece Montgomery

Flashback to August 2016 – Colin Kaepernick has caused a stir and a movement by deciding to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of racial injustice. Fans, athletes, coaches, team staff, and just about everyone else was divided and torn. While some were cheering on Kaepernick for making a statement, others were booing him for disrespecting those who have served in the armed forces. Following that season, he entered free agency and has not been signed to any NFL rosters, despite having 72 TDs, 12,271 passing yards, 2,300 rushing yards and a 88.9% passer rating in his career.

That brings us to yesterday, when Nike unveiled Kaepernick as the face of their “Just Do It” campaign, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. He has been with the brand since 2011, when he made his start in the NFL. Although terms of the new contract have not been publicly announced, it reportedly gives him his own branded line consisting of shoes, shirts, jerseys and more, and includes a contribution to his charity, Know Your Rights. It also puts him “in the top [pay] bracket of NFL players with Nike,” even though he isn’t currently playing in the league.

The announcement comes on the heels of arbitrator Stephen B. Burbank sending Kaepernick’s grievance with the NFL to trial, denying the league’s request to throw out claims that owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests. As a reminder, Nike is the current NFL sponsor for uniforms. That’s right, not only is Nike standing for what they believe in with this campaign, but they are sending a message to their partner.

We’ve been wondering for awhile now what the fans would do if they were in charge at the NFL, but now we’re really more interested in what they would do if they were in charge at Nike. If the fans were calling the shots at Nike, not only do we think they would continue with Colin Kaepernick as the face of their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign, but they would include other athletes that have faced the same criticisms. We’re talking about Eric Reid (San Francisco), Brandon Marshall (Seattle), Kenny Stills (Miami), and Seth DeValve (Cleveland), among others. While it can be more than just argued that Kaepernick has received the biggest blows as a result of his protests, we don’t think the fans would want the other athletes excluded.


Sherman Rips NFL Rule, Again

By Annalece Montgomery

San Francisco 49ers cornerback and NFL Players Association Executive Committee member, Richard Sherman, is making headlines again by speaking out against the NFL’s controversial new helmet rule. You may remember that when the NFL first announced the rule earlier this month,  Sherman was frustrated with the rule, stating it will be ‘a disaster’.

Shortly after his team lost to the Houston Texans 16-13, Sherman turned to Twitter to let the world know how he really felt about the rule. “To all those ppl including those who made the rule. I want a video of YOU running full speed and being lead by anything but your head while also attempting to bring down a moving target. You will soon realize its impossible,” he tweeted, along with a video of a tackle from his teammate Raheem Mostert that drew a penalty flag. But he didn’t stop there. Sherman also shared a video of a rugby tackle, saying it would be penalized in the NFL and that the game will soon become the same thing as flag football.

Just a few weeks ago at training camps across the country, there were reports of officials still debating whether or not this penalty occurred in play. It raises the question of how the officials can be ready to properly call this penalty with only a few weeks before the regular season kicks off. Can the NFL expect officials to fully understand the rule when every time they try to clarify the rule, they only confuse people more?

In the first two weeks of preseason games, we’ve already seen over 25 penalties because of the new rule, with the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles being tied for the most penalties. Our Co-Founders Sohrob Farudi (CEO), Grant Cohen (CPO), and Patrick Dees (CGO) debated the rule a couple weeks ago during FAN Call Friday, and their views on the matter aligned with Sherman’s. Tune in to see what they had to say, as well get a fantastic demonstration of the three-point stance from Sohrob.

So where do FCFL fans stand on this? While we think the fans do have concerns over serious head injuries to their favorite athletes, they are most certainly going to get sick of all the penalty calls very fast. The game is already long enough as is because of yellow flags being thrown here, there and everywhere, and adding this rule is only going to increase the frustration among the fans. If this rule were brought to a vote amongst the fans, we think they would strike it down by more than a landslide. The fans are here for their love of the game, not for the officials’ love of hearing their own voices after every penalty they call.