Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Posted on August 19, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We aren’t even finished with NFL Preseason, and fans are already putting down money for the Super Bowl. According to Las Vegas sportsbooks, there are currently more bets on the Chicago Bears winning the Lombardi Trophy than any other team right now, with the Cleveland Browns close behind them. A senior oddsmaker for Caesars Sportsbook, Alan Berg, shared “every time the Bears go to the playoffs, the following year, the money just pours in.” Clearly, the fans are feeling optimistic! While they may have the most bets, the Bears only have the fourth-best odds (9-1) at Caesars, behind the New England Patriots (7-1), Kansas City Chiefs (7-1) and the New Orleans Saints (17-2). We’re curious to see how these odds change after the regular season has kicked off, especially for the teams that have had major roster changes in the last few months.

With the Fan Controlled Football League calling Las Vegas home, it can be expected that there will be fans betting on our games. Sure, fans can bet on the outcomes of each week’s games and who will make it to the championship game, but what about which fan will be crowned the “Top Fan,” with the highest FanIQ at the end of the season? What other aspects of the league would you want to throw a little money at? Would you bet on how many times Co-Founder Ray Austin gets in the broadcast booth and talks about his days with the Chicago Bears and New York Jets? Spoiler alert: that will happen at least once during any game where Ray is in the house. What about the number of times Team Owner | Fan Captain Bobby Bones comes up with an impromptu song during a livestream of his team’s game? We think the fans will want to get in on some of these more “fun” bets. Let’s make this interesting, fans!