Don’t Mess with This Cowboy

Posted on September 24, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

When will people learn not to mess with Troy Aikman. Aikman, who most people will recognize from the broadcast booth alongside Joe Buck, is a Hall of Fame QB with THREE Super Bowl rings (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX), among many other accolades. Recently, we saw him rip in to Doug Gottlieb for a tasteless and irritating take on Andrew Luck’s decision to retire, which is one of our favorite Aikman moments of all time. Now, he’s got his sights set on The Athletic over a comparison made between him and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Someone on their social media team made the grave mistake of tweeting out that Mahomes had “thrown 36% of Troy Aikman’s career touchdowns, in about 8% of the games.” And as you may have guessed, Troy was READY to respond:

We’re just glad we have yet to find ourselves on the receiving end of a fired-up Aikman tweet. All of this has helped us put something in perspective, though. We want the Fan Controlled Football League to be entertaining to fans in every possible way – from the voting process, to the inaugural fan-run draft, to the games themselves. And you better believe we’ll make sure we have some solid individuals join our broadcasts to elevate the level of production of each game. Will we see as much drama with our announcers as we do with Aikman? Only time will tell. But more importantly fans, tell us whose side you’re on in this Aikman vs. The Athletic battle! In the meantime, we’ll sit on the sidelines and see how Mahomes’ career stacks up against Aikman’s before his inevitable retirement.