Call Him ‘Shaq Exotic’

Posted on March 30, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Okay, so we’ve all been in quarantine for awhile now, depending on where you are while reading this, but the one thing that seems to have kept everyone sane during this time is the release of Tiger King. We could talk for hours about how insane this show is, but we want to focus on one particular moment: the appearance by Shaq.

In the video, Shaq refers to Joe Exotic as his ‘main man’ and jokes about being gifted one of the tiger cubs. Understandably, some fans got pretty upset to see the NBA Hall of Famer paying to play with these animals. So it should come as no surprise that he was quick to clear things up on his podcast. He explained that not only is he not friends with Joe, but he provided donations for the “tiger’s foods and all that.” We’ll leave it to the fans to decide if his comments were good enough.

The good news about everyone having time to binge watch shows like Tiger King, is that we think there are going to be a LOT of interesting team name suggestions that come out of this quarantine period. Sure, ‘Tiger King’ will probably be an option submitted for every team (we’re expecting quite a few for Mike Tyson’s team), but we want to see something a little more creative from the fans – we know you have it in you! We think ‘Baghavan Bones’ and ‘Raging Mullets’ for Bobby Bones’ team and ‘Tiger Prince’ for Prince Royce are some decent options, but we know you can do better! Let’s see what you’ve got!