New Logo, Who Dis?

Posted on March 9, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Well fans, it looks like the Los Angeles Rams have just leaked their new logo, and well… it’s underwhelming to say the least. And before you say “oh there’s no way that’s real,” let me just stop you right there, because this has been confirmed by Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson. The logo first began making it’s rounds on Twitter Saturday morning in the form of the NFL Draft and OTA cap. Since then, mockups of the logo on its own have hit Imgur, Reddit and the rest of the internet. Aside from this logo looking like it’s actually meant for the LA Chargers, let’s think about all the other things it resembles: the LA Fitness logo, a golden retriever’s tail, the XFL Wildcats logo in a different color way, something you could find on obnoxious t-shirts from gift stores in LA, and possibly the early stages of rebranding for LAX.

Do we think the fans like this? LOL – no, no we do not. Do we think it makes the fans angry to know someone was paid a boatload of money to design a new logo, and have THIS be the final product? Yes. And most importantly, do we think our fans will do a better job when it comes to designing their team’s logos? Without a doubt! Our fans may come up with logos that range from clean and classic to wild and crazy, but we are positive that none of them will be as bad as this. Now just for kicks, here are some of our favorite fan reactions from Twitter and Reddit – listed in no particular order:


NFL Week Four Round Up – What Just Happened?

Posted on October 1, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Talk about a week of upsets! Don’t worry fans, you weren’t the only ones to miss some of these picks. Who would have thought that Tampa Bay would take down the Los Angeles Rams? Or that the Cleveland Browns would beat the Baltimore Ravens? You still pulled off a winning record this week though! Fans are ending NFL Week 4 at 8-6-1, bringing their season record to 38-22-3. Now for a breakdown of each pick – bold indicates the winner of the game, italics indicate who the fans selected.

  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers
  • Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants – Here’s your tie! The fans were split on who would take the win, but ultimately the Giants brought home the W.
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Detroit Lions
  • Tennessee Titans vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Oakland Raiders vs. Indianapolis Colts
  • New England Patriots vs. Buffalo Bills
  • Carolina Panthers vs. Houston Texans
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals
  • Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Denver Broncos
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

This week felt like more of a fluke, but as always, we encourage the fans to do their research before making NFL Week 5 picks tomorrow on Twitter! And now, some highlights from the Week 3 action:

  • Literally no words are needed for this clip. Thank you to the internet for providing such quality content.
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    This is too good 😂 #billbelichick 🎹 🎶

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  • Texans QB Deshaun Watson may have just secured his first job when the time comes to retire after breaking down the Panthers defense like a pro. If only his team’s coaching staff could see what he did, they may have pulled out a win.
  • Dak Prescott literally creating meme gold when throwing into quadruple coverage in a last-ditch attempt to defeat the New Orleans Saints. This might have been the most exciting moment of the week’s most boring game.
  • This fan that just RIPPED into the Atlanta Falcons at half time, living out every disgruntled fan’s dream.
  • This unbelievable pass from Matt Stafford. We’re still not sure how he made this sorcery happen, but we don’t see him pulling it off again any time soon.

NFL Week Two Round Up – Keep It Up, Fans!

Posted on September 17, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Once again, on Wednesday, we had the fans vote on the outcome of every NFL Week 2 match up on Twitter, and they didn’t necessarily do worse than last week – but not much better either. This week the fans went 11-5, bringing their season record to 21-9-2. Now for a breakdown of each pick – bold indicates the winner of the game, italics indicate who the fans selected.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Arizona Cardinals vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs. Detroit Lions
  • Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
  • Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans
  • Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers 
  • Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins
  • Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Buffalo Bills vs. New York Giants
  • New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders
  • New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Rams
  • Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Cleveland Browns vs. New York Jets

We hope the fans are ready to make their picks for Week 3 tomorrow night on Twitter! More importantly, the shake up in QBs for multiple teams will hopefully guide the fans to make the right picks. We want to see you continue your winning record, so be sure to catch up on all the must-see moments from the weekend you may have missed. Here are a few highlights from the Week 2 action:

  • Obviously, the Patriots completing shutting out the Dolphins was rough to watch – we even asked the fans if they laughed at the outcome or felt the need to ‘pour one out’ for Miami. But when you take into consideration that the Dolphins literally ducked to avoid catching a ball, you can no longer feel bad for the team and their dumpster fire season.
  • Speaking of dumpster fires! A speaker caught on fire at Nissan Stadium ahead of the Indianapolis Colts-Tennessee Titans game. While some used footage to reference the Dolphins season, the Colts social media team used it to get their fans ‘fired’ up.
  • Forget the Atlanta Falcons – the NFL Officials are now the biggest rival for the New Orleans Saints. This couldn’t have been more clear after a play was blown dead when it very much wasn’t. Sure, I might be a very disgruntled Saints fan, but Cam Jordan’s post-game interview is too good not to include here. Don’t worry fans, this will NOT be an issue in the FCFL!

  • OBJ hit the field last night to remind the Giants what they’re missing out on – and broke his own record in the process.
  • Technically this is more of a look ahead to Week 3, but the Giants have benched Eli Manning and Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger is out for the rest of the season – so naturally someone needed to use this opportunity to make Twitter gold.

NFL Week One Round Up – How’d the Fans Do?

Posted on September 10, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Wednesday night we had the fans vote on the outcome of every NFL Week 1 match up on Twitter, and we have to say, they didn’t do half bad. With a final score of 10-4-2 (see the notes next to the picks to explain the ties), the fans proved they know their stuff! Now for a breakdown of each pick – bold indicates the winner of the game, italics indicate who the fans selected. We want to see more of these teams overlapping next week!

  • Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings – the fans were split 50/50 on this one, so we won’t count it as a loss
  • Tennessee Titans vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets
  • Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins
  • Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Los Angeles Ramsvs. Carolina Panthers
  • Indianapolis Colts vs. Los Angeles Chargers
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals – sorry fans, this game ended in a tie!
  • Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots
  • Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

We hope the fans are ready to make their picks for Week 2 tomorrow night on Twitter! We want to see you continue your winning record, so be sure to catch up on all the must-see moments from the weekend you may have missed. Here are a few of our favorites from the Week 1 action:

  • The return of the Collinsworth Slide. Need we say more?
  • Kyler Murray was sacked by his own guard in his debut against the Detroit Lions. Sure, the team rallied to tie the game at the end of OT, but this is just too good not to share with the fans that may have missed it.
  • This entire call. We won’t give Pittsburgh Steeler center Maurkice Pouncey a harder time than the announcers did, but damn. It hurts every time we watch this. Let’s just hope he learns his lesson before the Steelers face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.
  • You already know how much we hate to see a game be won off of a field goal. Unfortunately for the Houston Texans, a terrible defensive call was made that put the New Orleans Saints into field goal range.
  • And last, but absolutely not least, the fans made a difference during Monday Night Football! For whatever reason, the folks at ESPN decided to have the graphic for downs be yellow – which basically meant the entire first half had fans thinking there was a flag on every call. Thankfully, the fans took to Twitter to demand change, and EPSN pulled through.


USWNT Have Good Reason To Celebrate

Posted on June 13, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Earlier in the week, we took care of the fans and set them up with all the pertinent information on the FIFA Women’s World Cup, including the schedule and how they can watch at home, ahead of the U.S. Women had their first group play match. Spoiler alert: they absolutely CRUSHED it! They defeated Thailand with an astounding final score of 13-0, setting a new FIFA record in the process. The only problem is people are upset with the team for 1) continuing to score so many goals after clearly having the match under control, and 2) excessively celebrating after every goal.

We decided to ask the fans on Twitter what they thought, and as we expected, the majority of you DON’T think they celebrating excessively, and we have to agree. There are plenty of soccer games where there are no goals at all, so to be able to get 13 is a big deal. Add in the fact that this is a new FIFA record AND goals matter down the line in this once-every-four-years tournament, and we think their celebration was warranted. We think all our fans, including those who didn’t get to vote on Twitter, would have to agree. Some of our favorite moments in football (the American version, not soccer) are all the touchdown celebrations, so why wouldn’t we want to see top-tier athletes celebrate in other sports?


You Can’t Believe Everything You Read On the Internet

It’s April 1st, which can only mean one thing: if you are even the slightest bit gullible. you should absolutely, 100%, avoid the internet today. Even more so if you are a person who lives for sports. Your usual stomping grounds like Instagram and Twitter are no longer safe.

Athletes and teams all over the country will likely be trying to up their game from previous years – especially the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Anthony Davis. They’ve already proven that they are dirty liars and cannot be trusted on April Fools’ Day.

You know who you can trust though? The Chicago Bears. Just this morning they unveiled plans for their new historic jersey, just in time for a historic year. For this year, and this year only, the Bears will be supporting the NFL’s 100th season by adding a ‘1’ to the front of every player’s jersey. Stars like Khalil Mack and Mike Davis are getting pretty hyped up for their new jerseys!

And on that note, we’d like to announce that the FCFL has actually signed NFL Free Agent and FCFL Team Owner | Fan Captain Marshawn Lynch, to Richard Sherman’s team. Rumor has it, he will be wearing #224, because we’re twice as good as the Chicago Bears and the NFL’s 100th season.  


That’s right fans, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are headed to Atlanta to face off against the Los Angeles Rams after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31. To pile on to the uproar over officiating in yesterday’s conference championships, the Chiefs might have been robbed of a touchdown. After coming back from a first-half deficit against the Patriots, the Chiefs appeared to have scored a touchdown after Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, appeared to have touched a punt that Kansas City then picked up and took into the end zone. We have to say appeared here, because the referees overturned the original call of a touchdown, saying the ball never touched Edelman. The Chiefs were quick to intercept a pass by Brady and score a touchdown anyway, but the sting is still there.

The biggest surprise of yesterday’s conference championship games? Tony Romo had a career game as a broadcaster, not a quarterback. If there’s anything we learned after yesterday’s game, it’s that Romo is a foreseer, someone who can literally see the future. We cannot wait to see him back in the booth announcing alongside Jim Nantz for Super Bowl LII. We now have a legitimate West Coast vs. East Coast Super Bowl in two weeks’ time. Perhaps a chance for Los Angeles redemption after the Dodgers fell to the Boston Red Sox just a few short months ago. But, the real question is, who will the fans be pulling for? Other than Tony Romo, of course. Are you going all in on Tom Brady getting a sixth ring? Or do you want to see the Rams win their first Super Bowl in twenty years (technically, the last one was during their St. Louis stay)?


FAN Take – What’s In A Nickname

By Annalece Montgomery

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

For the second year in a row, during MLB’s Players Weekend players will be wearing special jerseys with their nicknames on the back instead of their last names. This weekend, August 24-26, all eyes will be on the jerseys, not the ball.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these guys sharing photos of their jerseys on social media in the coming days, and frankly, there are some we’re pretty excited for. Some of our favorites that we can’t wait to see are Keynan Middleton (Angels, “Major Key”), Jake Marisnick (Astros, “Big Fudge”), Ken Giles (Blue Jays, “100 Miles Giles”), Carl Edwards Jr. (Cubs, “Stringbean Slinger”), and Drew Steckenrider (Marlins, “Steckasaurus”). For the full list of who is wearing what nickname, click here.

A few weeks ago, we shared a story a story about players having emojis featured on their jerseys instead of last names. While we did not do an official poll on whether or not the fans would like to see something like this incorporated in the FCFL, we received some quick “Please God no” responses, while others said they loved the concept.

How do we incorporate this into the FCFL – or better yet, should we incorporate this into the FCFL? Should athletes be allowed to pick their own nickname, or should a teammate decide for them? This could lead to some fun hijinks behind the scenes. Or better yet, should the fans vote for the names on their backs? If it’s not emojis or nicknames, how about Twitter handles, gamer tags, Insta names, or Twitch IDs? Whether or not we see nicknames – or anything other than last names – on the jerseys for our athletes, something tells us Co-Founder and Commissioner Ray Austin will be found frequently wearing a jersey featuring “The Commish” on the back. We want to hear from YOU on this hot topic, so let us know what you think!

 Power To The FANS!