Another Go At Expanding The NFL Season

Posted on July 12, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Here we go again! During a meeting between the NFL and NFLPA this week, owners presented the idea for an 18-game regular season. While their motives are most likely driven by increasing revenue, they have also taken player safety into account. According to the Wall Street Journal, with this new system players would have a maximum number of games in an effort to keep players under a “normal workload.” Of course, there was no mention of whether this would tack on an additional two weeks to the season, or if they would shorten pre-season and kick off regular season sooner.

We’ve already mentioned that we agree with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s call to make the preseason shorter, so expanding the regular season is something we could get behind. However, while we do appreciate a concern for player safety, we imagine the fans won’t want like a game limit imposed on the players. Sure, for most positions, it would be fine. But a majority of NFL teams don’t have back-up quarterbacks the fans can put their faith into. There’s a reason these guys only play in preseason or when their team has a significant lead. Maybe imposing a time limit, as opposed to game limit, would be an easier pill for fans to swallow. We think that even having a team pay a fine for every “additional” game a player is on the field, is something fans would prefer in this instance. Think hard about this before you make a decision, NFL!