Last Dance With MJ

Posted on April 20, 2020

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

ESPN did us all a huge favor by dropping The Last Dance two months early, with the first two episodes airing last night. The 10-part series chronicles Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls – the good, the bad, and the Dennis Rodman Vegas trip. Fans were pretty excited for its early release, treating the premiere as an entire event, even planning their outfits for themselves and family members to wear while posted up in front of their televisions. We won’t spoil the first two episodes for you, but we highly encourage you to check them out before the next two drop on Sunday.

What other dynasty team, iconic moment or unreal athlete would the fans want to see ESPN cover? The Office’s Michael Scott, maybe? We’re kidding – although the spoof trailer did have us contemplating binging the show for what feels like the 100th time. We’re sure they’d be into a deep dive on Walter Payton, Bill Russell, or Wayne Gretzky – all absolutely amazing in their respective sports. But we’re going to go out on a limb and say they want to know everything about the greatest season in the Indoor Football League – 2017. You know the one, where our proof of concept team, the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles came to life, paving the way for this league to launch 😏 That is – until we’ve completed our inaugural season, in which case there would definitely need to be a follow up.


Sherman & Beastmode Reunited in the FCFL Owners Box

Originally published November 29, 2018

By Grant Cohen

We are beyond stoked to welcome Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman as the first two FCFL Team Owners and Fan Captains. Of course, both are Super Bowl Champs and future NFL HOF’ers, but, even more than that, they are great guys who have a passion for football and love being fans themselves.

What is particularly rad about their involvement with the FCFL is that they are not just passive owners of new teams in our league who will be sitting in the owners’ box eating lobster and wearing suits – I mean honestly, can you picture Marshawn suited up?? He came out to see our new potential venue this week and flew in on a Southwest flight rocking a hoodie that said “Beast Mode.”

Instead, as part of their role as Team Owner, they will also be serving as the Fan Captain – meaning they will be the head fan for their squads and will help their fanbases make the decisions for their team. In the coming weeks we will be announcing six more Team Owners / Fan Captains for each of the franchises in our inaugural season.

The fan involvement will start in early 2019 with Marshawn, Richard and the rest of the Fan Captains working with their team’s fans to come up with the best names, logos and color schemes for their teams. While Beast Mode and Sherman will certainly have their favorites and will help to pick the best options – their votes are worth just the same as their fans, because in the FCFL the fans call the shots and there are not any special powers for the Team Owners.

The teams will likely take on the personas of their Fan Captains, with Sherman’s reflecting his style as a highly-intelligent, trash-talking, shut-down defender, while Lynch’s squad will be built around the aura of Beast Mode, creating a hardnosed brand of smash-mouth football with a modern and brash team swagger.

And as the season approaches fans of each team will work with their Fan Captain to draft their team’s players and coaches, and when we take the field, fans will be calling the plays in real time. But they won’t be alone in their decision-making. The Fan Captains will be co-streaming their team’s games on Twitch where they will be providing commentary on what they are seeing develop on the field and guidance on what plays they think their fans should be calling… So get ready to hear Richard call a whole lot of the other team’s receivers “sorry” and for Marshawn to suggest runs up the middle on 3rd and 20.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working with Richard, Marshawn and their respective teams on putting together the details around their involvement and we’ve been extremely impressed with how engaged both guys are. Not just with their fanbases, but also how much they’ve latched onto the concept of the FCFL – where the fans get to have their voice heard for reals.

When we explain the FCFL to people, the number one football situation they bring up is the ill-fated pass call that cost Marshawn and Richard’s Seahawks team the Super Bowl XLIX title. Recently we asked Marshawn what would have happened if the fans had been in charge that day and had called a run instead – not surprisingly he guaranteed it would have been a TD (actually he said it would have been 10 TD’s, which seems a bit extreme).

We are hard at work getting the other six Team Owners and Fan Captains locked in – some will be other familiar faces from the NFL and others will be famous fans from the wider world of entertainment, sports and gaming, as our goal is to create a league where fans of all kinds can find a team that they really connect with.

So if you have any ideas for folks that you think would make a killer Fan Captain – hit them up on Twitter and tell them to get involved, be sure to tag us @FCFLio and use the hashtag #PowerToTheFans so we can rally the support of all of our fans to get their attention!


FAN Take – Where to Find the Best Athletes

By Annalece Montgomery

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

In an article last week, SB Nation looked at the readiness of Ivy League football being a contender for playoffs. Not since the 1950’s has Ivy League football been taken seriously as a post-season threat the likes of recent powerhouses Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson. As it stands, the Ivy League is the only FCS conference not to participate in the postseason, whether it be playoffs or a bowl game.

We know – there are so many bowl games out there, which one would they even be a contender for? Enter the Celebration Bowl. This season will mark the fourth year of the Celebration Bowl, which will feature champions of the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference, made up entirely of historically black colleges and universities) and MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) conferences.

Princeton’s head coach Bob Surace is angling for an Ivy-League-HBCU bowl matchup, which is not out of the realm of possibility since the conferences don’t receive an automatic bid for the FCS playoffs. “Why wouldn’t we work with historically black colleges and play them? Take a school like Grambling or Howard vs. Princeton or Columbia or whoever. You’re gonna hit a huge number on TV, and you’re gonna sell it out in Atlanta or New Orleans or Washington DC. Why wouldn’t we want to bring more attention?”

We’re with you, Bob – we want to see more attention brought to the underdogs, or literally just anyone that isn’t a part of the SEC, Big 10 or Big 12. The exposure of the games may bring bigger talent to the Ivy League and HBCUs, which will in turn bring bigger talent to organizations like the FCFL. Considering the fact that 10% of NFL players who are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame were drafted from an HBCU – this includes Jerry Rice, Walter Payton (as in Walter Payton, NFL Man of the Year Award), and Michael Strahan, among others. It’s clear that the spotlight needs to be shown upon some of these lesser-watched conferences. How else are we going to find the best athletes if we aren’t given the opportunity to see them all?

We’re looking to the fans for their input here – should the NCAA give more opportunities to more schools to let their athletes shine on a national stage? Is the best NCAA talent restricted to powerhouses like Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State? Fans, where (what schools, conferences) do you want to see the FCFL draft players from? Let us know!

Power To The FANS!